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  anti media

:: antimedia ::


by: sam de silva

The antimedia.net is a space filled with the illusions,
dreams and desires of the non-corporate.


  auslander micro

:: ausländer micro




by: Toy Satellite - Andrew Garton; John Power;
Bruce Morrison; Justina Curtis

produced in association with the Australian Film Commission
and the Centre for Animation and Interactive Media (RMIT).

A virtual opera based on Ausländer und Staatenlose.
The work follows the afterlife of an Eastern European refugee:
a foreigner in every country, he passes away in a camp after countless years of restless travel and ruthless persecution.
But in death, freedom is as elusive as it was in life.


  bio-tek kitchen

:: bio-tek kitchen



by Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski

Patching into a computer game involves using software to get into the workings of a commercial game to change it. 'Bio-Tek Kitchen' is a Marathon Infinity patch. You don't need to already have Marathon to play 'Bio-Tek Kitchen', where players clean up the kitchen laboratory of a biotech enthusiast using weapons such as dish cloths and egg flippers.


  contact contact

:: contact -
unstable fields of power


Kathy Barber, Matthew Hunter, Amanda Alderson,
Rick Vermey, Krisna Murti, Divanto, Rikrik Kusmara, W. Christiawan

Four artists living in Bandung and four artists based in Perth,
participating in a co-operative venture into unknown creative territory


  doll space

:: dollspace ::

Concept and realisation: Francesca da Rimini

dollspace is a web environment, a deep labyrinth for doll and her ghostgirls and riverboyz to haunt. As dollspace was being created, Ricardo Dominguez, zapatismo hacktivist in New York, built a complementary site, hauntologies, where their ghosts could inspire and infect each other. 'soundtrack for an empty dollspace' was created for dollspace by Michael Grimm, who also collaborates closely with Francesca on the presentation of dollspace as a hardspace mixed media installation. Additional graphics, GIF animations, Spanish translation and voice: Claudia Raddatz.
The project was assisted by the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia Council, and residencies at the Media Resource Centre, Adelaide and Artec, London.


  refused classification

:: refused classification ::



by: Autonomous Organisation

Refused Classification is an attempt to mount an intervention into legislative processes under the cover of Art: a thinly veiled attack on family values. This is a site which has been developed in response to the legislation recently enacted in Australia dealing with censorship on the internet. autonomous.org also support the :::recode::: an email list for the digital interrogation of contemporary new media, initiated in 1997 during the code red event.


  media resistant

:: r e s i s t a n t . m e d i a


by: melinda rackham - subtle.net
javascripting : nigel kersten - cofa
back end support : martin thompson - anat
& : jessie reynolds - virtual artists

resistant.media website was commissioned by the australian network for art and technology to provide a space for online participation in discussions of tactical media and activist strategies at Perspecta 99,
and NxTxposure in darwin.

resistant.media is a robust information site utilising the enduring design elements of html and flexibility of java script, supported by back end cgi scripting and live video and audio feeds to facilitate web connectedness.
























































































r e s i s t a n t . m e d i a